We have a small and dedicated staff at Buckwood who invite you to come and enjoy all that we have to offer.  We have an open door policy. Any time you have concerns, problems or just want to say hello please just let us know what's on your mind.  Our main goal at Buckwood is to provide a fun, relaxing and drama free place for you to leave your cares behind.  We are all on duty from 10am - 9pm every day that we are open.  If you have immediate concerns call on us 24 hours a day.  Take a second to view our pics: look over there and over there, we might look a little younger and prettier in the pics, lol.


Owners: Darrell Gill (the one that looks kinda like Chuck Norris)

Ben Gleason (the one who always wears a hat)


Handyman: Arthur (who can fix anything and knows what's going on even for his age, lol)

Right Hand Man: Jim (Awesomeness Personified)

Graphic Artists: Scotty & Brandon (Poster and Graphic Design Extraordinaires)

              Jack of all trades: Bill B.

"Torch Lighter", Office Helper and the Other Bill: Uncle Bill B.


jimoliver BillB3

Jim - The Right Hand Man

(even though he's a south paw)

Bill B. - Jack of all trades



Darrell Gill - Owner
Brandon and Scotty - Graphic Artists
Ben Gleason - Owner
Uncle Bill B. - Office & "Torch Man*
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