July 4th Weekend 2016

(keep scrolling for  photos from the Newlywed game, Orlando Memorial lantern release & Karaoke)

DSC09553 DSC09581 DSC09555
DSC09556 DSC09557 DSC09558
DSC09559 DSC09560 DSC09561
DSC09562 DSC09565 DSC09566
DSC09567 DSC09570 DSC09571
DSC09572 DSC09573 DSC09574
DSC09575 DSC09576 DSC09577
DSC09579 DSC09580 DSC09554
DSC09589 DSC09590 DSC09592
DSC09637 DSC09638 DSC09639
DSC09640 DSC09641 DSC09644
DSC09645 DSC09646 DSC09647
DSC09648 DSC09650 DSC09690
DSC09693 DSC09694 DSC09697
DSC09701 DSC09705 DSC09700
DSC09708    Photos Courtesy of Scotty & Brandon

"The Newlywed Game" Poolside Saturday Afternoon

DSC09584 DSC09585 DSC09586
DSC09587 DSC09588 DSC09591
DSC09594 DSC09595 DSC09599
DSC09600 DSC09601 DSC09603
DSC09604 DSC09605 DSC09606
DSC09607 DSC09608 DSC09609
DSC09612 DSC09613 DSC09614
DSC09617 DSC09618 DSC09623
DSC09624 DSC09625 DSC09626
DSC09629 DSC09630 DSC09631
DSC09642 DSC09643  Photos Courtesy of Scotty & Brandon

49 Memorial Lanterns for the Victims of Orlando, Florida

DSC09653 DSC09661 DSC09664
DSC09665 DSC09670 DSC09667
DSC09668 DSC09669 DSC09670
DSC09671 DSC09672 DSC09673
DSC09676 DSC09678 DSC09679
DSC09680 DSC09681 DSC09683
DSC09686 DSC09687  Photos Courtesy of Scotty & Brandon

Sunday Night Karaoke with Skottye & Doug

DSC09709 DSC09710 DSC09711
DSC09712 DSC09713 DSC09714
DSC09715 DSC09716 DSC09717
DSC09718 DSC09720 DSC09721
DSC09722 DSC09723 DSC09726
DSC09729 DSC09732 DSC09738
DSC09740 DSC09743 DSC09746
Photos Courtesy of Scotty & Brandon



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