1Office Hours   Sunday - Thursday 10am until 5pm

                               with check in permitted until 9pm


                               Friday & Saturday 10am until 9pm

2. CHECK IN 10AM – CHECK OUT 12PM  on DAY of departure. If you want to stay past check out time please let us know at check in and we will allow you to purchase a reduced day pass for only $5.00. Day passes are good from 10AM – 9PM and may not be available on Holidays. Seasonal Campers are required to check in at the office upon first arriving for the “weekend”.

3. The Gate is Closed to all in or out traffic from 10pm until sunrise, no exceptions!  Entry is NOT permitted after 10pm EST/EDT and driving on the grounds is strictly prohibited after dark.

4. No Firearms are permitted at any time.

5. You must not trespass on our neighbor’s property.

6. Please don’t move fire pits.

7. Pets are welcome  but they must be leashed at all times, non-barking, picked up after and are not allowed on the pool deck all pet vaccinations must be documented. We have a zero tolerance policy for excessively barking dogs. Pets are permitted in the master suites inside the lodge and they are also welcome in the Cabins ***(advance notice required so that we can pet proof your Cabin failure to do so could result in an excessive pet cleanup fee).*** Please check out Barkwood across from the lodge where your pet may be unleashed while attended.

8. All camper trash  must be taken to the dumpster at the end of the lane as you exit or as needed. Please burn all burnable trash at your site if you can please.  Do not use one of the trash bins near the shower house for your trash. We are in an outdoor environment so keep a neat site so you don’t attract animals. Please keep your site well kept at all times.

9. Watch your step  and keep safety in mind as you walk. We are in a natural environment. Be mindful of stumps etc. We are not responsible in case of accident to you, your property or personal affects. You and or your insurance company are responsible in case of injury to you, your property or your personal affects.

10. Alcoholic beverages are permitted  and you may bring alcohol into the property. We reserve the right to cut people off if we feel they have had too much to drink. You are not permitted to enter or exit the property while under the influence of alcohol.  Like U.S. law, the drinking age at Buckwood is 21.

11. Illegal drugs are forbidden. Period.

12. For your safety and the peace of our neighbors Brown County Indiana requires us to be closed at 10pm   Therefore, all traffic in and out of the property is forbidden between 10 pm and sunrise. In case of emergency please locate Ben, Darrell or Cody. Also no loud noise is permitted after 10 pm. Please refrain from loud talking, radios, etc. Keep radio levels at a low personal level at all other times so that other guests are not inconvenienced. Vehicular traffic is forbidden after dark.

13. Indiana State Law requires that all guests must register at the office upon arrival  this includes Seasonal Campers. Indiana law states that all guests must sign in and be accounted for. Any person on the grounds for any reason must register with the office. In addition to this being State Law it is a safety assurance too!

14. There is no lifeguard on duty at anytime at the pool or the lake.  Swim, fish or boat at your own risk. No diving at the pool or lake and please shower before entering the pool or hot tub.

15. The lodge & all the buildings on the property are smoke free and the kitchen inside the lodge is off limits for safety and health code reasons.   Please do not put cigarette butts, baby wipes or plastic in the shower house toilets as they clog our septic filters.  A $150 fee will be charged to any guest if at check out it is determined that said guest smoked in their Cabin or Room.  Please close all doors when smoking outside to prevent smoke from entering into the Cabin or Room.

16. Parking is only permitted in marked and designated parking areas.  Parking is not permitted at individual camp sites. You may load and unload at your site but your vehicle must be moved to a designated parking area in a timely manner.

17. Absolutely no parking in the area near the red barn, pavilion or pool areas.

18. The speed limit on the lane is 3 mph.  No vehicles are to be moved after dark. 

19. Leave your drama and attitude at the front gate and pick it up on your way out.  If you have a legitimate complaint or suggestion let us know immediately and we will do our best to address it.

20. No pictures without our permission.  This helps to protect our members from having their pictures out on the internet without their consent.

21. It is your responsibility to be aware and abide by our rules.  Your membership at Camp Buckwood / 4 Seasons Lodge is contingent upon abiding by the rules.

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